SENAO NL-3054CB-plus










Logging In

To configure the Bridge through the web-browser, enter the IP address of the Bridge (default: into the address bar of the web-browser and press Enter

Make sure that the Bridge and your computers are on the same subnet.

You will then see the login window. Leave the User name and Password fields blank and click on the OK button.

You can change the username and password under the

Administrator Settings option. Refer to section Administrator Settings to change the username and password.

After logging in, you will see the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Bridge. The configuration is divided into three major parts:

System, LAN, and Wireless. Each one is described in detail in the next few sections.


Status page is the first page that is displayed; this page displays the settings of the Bridge, the IP addresses, and the Wireless settings.



Click on the System link on the navigation bar. You will then see the following options: Administrator Settings, Firmware Upgrade, Configuration Tools, Status, Operation, and Reboot. Each option is described in detail below.


Administrator Settings

Click on the Administrator Settings link under the System menu on the navigation bar. On this page you can configure a user name and password for the Bridge. The image below depicts the administrator settings screen.


User name: enter a new user name.

Administrator Password: enter a new password in the first box, and then re-type the password in the second box.

Click on the Save button to confirm the changes and then reset the device.

end of chapter 1…


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